"Torres" is not stuck in the dart! "Vidic" dunks "4 Premier League strikers" that are dealing with the most difficult

The legendary Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic has revealed the names of the 4 strikers who think they are the hardest to handle in the English Premier League .

"My first experience was with Peter Crouch. I've never met a 2 meter striker before. At that time he played for Liverpool. And we have to meet them in the Football Cup at Anfield. I immediately thought that How do I deal with this doctor? "

" The next person I think is Craig Bellamy. He may not be a player that goes well with the ball. But he is really fast He runs to the desired channel. As for Crouch, he kept playing in the air I've never seen playing football like this before. I know how to deal with players with this ability. But I can't handle both players at the same time That game I stood pairing with West Brown, it was a difficult game. And so long Finally, we lost 0-1 "

The Serbian defensive line praised the remaining 2 strikers: "I dueled with Sergio Aguero when we lost 1-4 when David Moyes controlled Aguero like someone who didn't really want to play ball. He looks like someone who will not run within 10 meters, but for a moment. He then hit the door. Actually, he was born as a quarterback. Because he knows exactly where the ball will come And when should he score a goal That game was my worst game. "

" Another person is Luis Suárez. I don't think he knows what he does. But it is awesome He succeeded He is a straight person And hungry to score goals all the time He is the one who is full of fire in the blaze. "

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