Crazy! The media revealed the world record numbers if the Red Devils will sew "Valverde" this summer.

Mirror media chief Dan reported that Manchester United must pay up to 450 million pounds (about 18.2 million baht) to have the opportunity to grab the Federico Balberdeu, the Uruguayan national team midfielder. Of Real Madrid,

Valverde, 21, showing excellent form for the White King this season, as reported earlier from Diario Madridista, the Spanish media said the Red Devils are interested to grab this football team If you have to The French national team midfielder Paul Pogba is out in the summer.

However, the White King is ready to release Balberde if any team agreed to 450 million pounds specified as a contract tear only. Which will become the world record of the team immediately.

The 21-year-old midfielder moved from Penal Colossus in his hometown Join the White King youth team in 2016, rejecting other famous European teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona.Referred to by the contract with Real Madrid until June 2025.

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