Keep waiting! The Premier League gives an answer. When will it come back?

Wait for the Premier League to give an answer. When will it come back?

Football fans can only keep waiting! The Premier League has not yet determined when to be able to resume playing. Point to hit the football only when safe.

The Premier League issued a joint statement by confirming that There is not a quick answer about whether When will you be able to compete again? After having to temporarily suspend

Until at least 30 April As a precautionary measure against the spread of the Covid-19 virus

Joint Statement of The Premier League, the English Football Association (FA), the NFL and the Football Association stated that "Covid-19 poses a challenge.

And uncertain times for everyone We are with everyone affected by the epidemic. "

"The message from the government clearly states that To stay at home, protect health officials And make life safe We all want to bring back the football we love.

But will do it only when it's safe. "

"In the midst of uncertain situations Football fans will have a lot of questions about this season. And the club they are supporting now do not have a quick answer about whether

When can we come back to compete in football as usual? "

Meanwhile, the European Football Federation (UEFA) will hold a video conference for meetings with members from all 55 countries on Wednesday 1 April as well.

In what direction will this season end plan be?

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